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Tissa dunes spot


Welcome to the thrilling world of sandboarding! Get ready for an exhilarating adventure as you glide down sandy slopes, mastering the art of riding the dunes. Discover the joy of carving through golden landscapes and unleashing your inner adventurer on this unique desert experience."

Daily available,time: 
>  9h morning
> 15h afternoun
Extra: Transport from hotel in Essaouira center 
   Minimal participants: 2 persons


45 Usd per person

*Activity summary:*
Embark on an exhilarating sand boarding adventure, where the enchanting desert becomes your playground. Our unique experience combines the thrill of gliding down majestic dunes with the awe-inspiring beauty of sandy landscapes.

*Itinerary and activity features:*
Begin your journey with expert guidance on sand boarding techniques, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. Traverse diverse dunes, from gentle slopes for beginners to challenging heights for the more adventurous. Capture stunning panoramic views as you master the art of carving through the golden waves of sand.

As the sun sets, indulge in a desert oasis moment with refreshments and relive your highlights. Our experienced guides ensure a seamless experience, whether you're a novice or seasoned sand boarder. The activity concludes with convenient transportation options, ensuring you leave with memories etched in the sands of time.

Ready to embrace the thrill and beauty of sand boarding ? Join us for an unforgettable adventure where every ride is a story, and every dune is a chapter waiting to be explored.

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le sable

What do I need to bring?

On your sandboarding trip you need to bring something to drink, also bring your camera to make awesome pictures! We also recommend you to bring some warmer clothes for if the sun is going down.

What do I need to wear?

Wear sportive clothes that can get dirty! It is no problem to go sandboarding on barefeet. Also bring a warm sweater for when the sun is going down.

Where is the Small Sahara?

This place is 30 min driving from Essaouira and 15 min walking It is  shown on the map and there are no signs so very difficult to find by yourself. We are happy to bring you there!

Can I go with my own car?

Yes you can go with your own car to the Small Sahara! There is no discount if you go with your own car but just to the village of the fishman and you stay your car there and you have 15 min walking for arrived  to tissa dunes.

Can I also go sandboarding on another time?

We normally offer this tour at 9h morning or 15h afternoun  If you prefer to go on an other time please contact Simo by e-mail or WhatsApp to make an appointment.

What if the weather conditions are not good?

It is almost every day perfect weather in this area. It can happen that there is too much wind. With wind it is not a nice place to be. In this case we contact you in advance to cancel the trip and we reschedule if possible

Can I go alone on this trip?

You can book this trip alone but we believe that it is more fun to go together! If you would like to go by yourself on this trip we try to plan it on a day with other travellers to share the joy! 🙂




Sandboarding is a fantastic adventurous

activity while visiting Essaouira!

This 2 hours can be organised from Essaouira to the dunes

Let's skate in the sand together

We can create the moment 

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